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Preparing vegetable stew is not as difficult as one may think. So by the end of this article, you should know how to cook your favorite vegetable stew and boiled yam.

List of ingredients and materials we need.

Fresh green vegetable leave

Some balls of onion

Fresh tomatoes

Vegetable oil


Dry fish

Grind crayfish

Salt seasoning

Fresh Pepper

Stew and beef seasoning

Tuber of yam

Pot, spoon and a knife.

Now we have listed all we need to prepare our favorite vegetable stew and boiled yam.

Let start the preparation process.

Peel off the yam put into a bowl and wash very well.

Put it to a pot, add water and pinch of salt while you allow to boil for 30-45 minutes and bring down.

While you boil your yam, go on with the vegetable stew process.

Put your vegetable you have gotten into a bowl and add water to rinse off properly.

Shake them out one after the other

Arrange them in a chopping manner and chop them into sizes with your board and knife.

Wash and peel off your balls of onion, tomatoes,  and pepper.

Blend with a blender.

By now all is arranged and set.

Cut your beef into sizes and wash it very well with water and a little salt.

Put into a pot, add chopped onion, salt and seasoning.

Boil for 30 – 45  minutes to get it cooked.

After, take off the water stock and fry to your taste with a frying palm and vegetable oil.

After that, pour the blended tomato paste into the vegetable oil, then allow it to steam for about 10-15 minutes.

Add your stew seasoning and a pinch of salt while you stare.

Add your dry fish and grind crayfish into the frying tomato paste.

Add your chopped vegetable leave and stare.

Add your beef and allow it to all fry for 20 minutes and bring down.

Now your vegetable stew can now be saved alongside your boiled yam.

I hope you have learned how to prepare vegetable stew and yam.

Thank you.

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